We are walking our own way, where our steps have prompted us to focus on developing innovative and fashion footwear, through cost and supply strategies, with the commitment to deliver more sustainable and high quality product at affordable prices for anyone in the world.

Our Vision

Fulfill our customers dreams, requirements and expectations, with a motivated and satisfied staff, transforming results with sustainability

Our Mission

To be one of the best companies, recognized with the newest products, competitive prices, excellent quality and services.



Our name and symbols represent a constant evolution, in addition to having an important relationship with our environment as well as with the commitment to sustainability, which is very important for us

CEO Message

We are a leading and motivated company, in addition to being focused on improving the quality of processes and products, so is being a positive force and agent of change for people lives and the environment where we have presence. We are committed to continue innovating with methodologies and production processes that benefits to the end user, our customers as the well-being of our planet

Jess García

Our essential values





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